Charlie Sheen's New GF?

Brett Rossi
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen was seen this past week with Brett Rossi.  There are pictures of him offering PDAs...public displays of affection.  Oh my!  You see, Brett Rossi works in the Adult Entertainment field.  Shocked?  You shouldn't be.

You see, Charlie Sheen has a history with women who have worked in this area.  You must also understand that the guy is loaded.  He has three ex wives and 5 children.  I bring this up to show that he's pretty good at having kids and not so good at being married.

Back to his being loaded.  I am sure that he has a guy to do his yard work, someone else to clean up after him, someone to drive him around and someone else to keep track of his schedule and the people who do stuff for him.

Enjoying the company of an Adult Entertainer makes perfect sense.  The difference between Charlie Sheen and his Hollywood equals is.......
he is open about it.

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