New Pepsi Bottle

New Pepsi Bottle
The bottle is new. The soda is not.

After losing 4% of its market share to Coca Cola, Pepsi is making some changes. The new bottle has a smaller label. It's also easier to grip. This is important because women have smaller hands and women buy the stuff more than men. (The guys are busy playing video games.)

They should make sure that the thing fits into a car's cup holder!  It probably does, but if it doesn't, they should go back to the "drawing board!"

They say that it will take a year or two to make a complete conversion to the new product.

My suggestion to Pepsi is "product placement!" They hired Beyonce to be their spokesperson. Well, guess what, not everybody likes Beyonce! You can save money by spreading out your ad campaign to include younger and newer singers, athletes, actors, etc.

 Just an idea....

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