Replacing Trebek

AlexTrebek - Host of Jeopardy
His job on Jeopardy is not in jeopardy, but Sony is quietly looking for a person to replace Alex Trebek. You see, Alex is 72 years old and has had a couple of heart attacks. His current contract runs out at the beginning of the 2016 season. At 75, it's unlikely that he'll want to continue on the show.

So who's worthy of following an almost 30 year tradition? Matt Lauer? his name has been mentioned. The NBC Today Show has been slipping in the ratings and he may "become available" - soon. My prediction is that they will replace Trebek after one more season, instead of waiting for his contract to run out. They will pick a middle aged white male, who has had success in large market TV and may not be known nationally.

Alex makes more than $50,000 for each episode of Jeopardy. With that kind of money, Sony can get almost anybody they want.

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